Hammer Mill for Making Feed Pellets

Hammer mill is widely used in the pretreatment of raw materials in feed pellets production. It is used to pulverize the raw materials into small powders for later smooth pelletizing. Our hammer mills all have the advantages of compact structure and low power consumption. SFSZ Series Vibrating Hammer Mill Technical …

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Pulse Dust Collector in Feed Pellets Production

The cleaness of raw materials of feed pellets plays a key role in ensuring the finished pellets’ high quality. Pulse dust collector helps a lot in the raw materials’ pretreatment of feed pellets production. Our TBLM series of high-pressure pulse dust collector enjoy stable, efficient, continuous and excellent performance. Besides, …

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Distributor for Feed Pellet Production

Distributor for Feed Pellet Production TFPX Series Rotary Distributor Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) granules powder TFPX-200 40 30 0.37,0.55,0.75 TFPX-250 60 40 TFPX-300 80 60 0.75 TFPX-320 90 70 Features: 1. Mechanical self-locking structure, accurate and reliable positioning of pipe for effectively guiding the materials. 2. Automatically dust cleaning and easy …

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Screw Conveyors for Feed Pellet Mill


Screw conveyors are widely used to reduce the labor used in transportation of materials from one mill to another. Our screw conveyors for feed pellet mill can be installed to operate horizontally, on a slope, or vertically, which is up to the specific requirements of the working space. TLSS Series …

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Feed Mill Plant

feed mill pellets

With the development of livestock husbandry, the application of feed mill plants is wider and wider. As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of feed mill plants, we hold the expertise and advanced technology of making feed mill plants. Our feed mill plants are spoken highly by our clients, as …

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Animal Feed Pellet Mill

ring die pellet mill

Feed pellets contain balanced nutrition, which is important for animals’ feed. Feed pellets prevent animals from being particular about certain kinds of food effectively. Besides, feed pellets are easy for both digestion and absorption. Taking farmers’ needs and animals’ growth into consideration, we have developed a wide variety of excellent …

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Fish Feed Milling

Fish Feed Milling Machine Fish feed milling machine is widely used as ideal equipment for making feed pellets for aquatic animals, especially for fish. Fish feed pellets takes soybean, corn grain, and other nutrition as raw material. Fish feed pellets made by our milling machine have pleasant taste, smooth surface, …

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Animal Feed Mill

Unlike common wood pellet mill, animal feed mill is not strict with the moisture of raw materials. However, some other factors are more important, like: cleanness, nutrition contents, nutrition balance, tasty, digestibility, etc. If you intend to buy an animal feed mill, the followings will help you choose the exactly …

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Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

Feed pellets contain a specific blend of feed, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Besides, feed pellets can prevent animals from being particular about certain kinds of feed. Poultry feed pellets are made from a variety of raw materials, like: corn, wheat, broomcorn, soybean and other mixture of crops. The raw …

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Feed Pellet Mill

Feed Mill–Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Ring die pellet mill is mainly characterized by sturdy gearbox construction, excellent performance, large output capacity and long service life. It functions well even if under adverse condition. The ring die is positioned vertically in the machine. The raw materials enter the center of …

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