Steam Boiler for Feed Pellets Production

DZH Steam Boiler for Feed Pellets Compact, High-efficient, Quick-starting Technical Parameters Type DZH0.5-0.7-S DZH1-0.7-S DZH2-0.7-S DZH4-0.7-S Rated Vaporizing Amount 0.5T/H 1T/H 2T/H 4T/H Rated Steam Pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 1.25Mpa Rated Steam Temperature 170.4°C 170.4°C 170.4°C 193.3°C Inlet Water Temperature 20°C 20°C 20°C 20°C Heating Surface 20.65sqm 30.4sqm 56.2sqm 120.1sqm …

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Liquid Adding System for Feed Pellets

TJY Series Liquid Adding System for Feed Pellets Technical Parameter Model   Single Pump Double Pump Flow Metering Double Pump Weigh Metering STJS30 STJS50 STJL50*2 STJL60*2 STJC50*2 STJC60*2 Capacity(L/M) 30 L/M 50 L/M 50 L/M 60 L/M 50 L/M 60 L/M Power(KW) 1.5 3.0 3.0+2.2 4.0+3.0 3.0+2.2 4.0+3.0

Automatic Packing Machine for Feed Pellets

Automatic packing machines highly improve the feed pellets packing. Besides, they can reduce labor density and labor cost. Our packing machine is widely used in packing feed pellets and powder materials. Its quantitative capacity can be adjusted freely in its range. As aseismic equipment, the machine has precise calculation, fast …

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Belt Conveyor for Feed Pellets Production

TDSL Mobile Belt Conveyor This belt conveyor is widely used to transfer raw materials or final products in feed pellets production. It can be used together with other transferring equipment to establish different transfer lines for mass products. It is basically a conveyor containing two or more pulleys that have …

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Counterflow Cooler for Feed Mill

SKLN Series Counterflow Cooler This counterflow cooler is widely used to cool various kinds of pellets. It has special discharging frames for stability and easy sliding, and it can be used together with a secondary volute separator. Moreover, the cooler can automatically discharge cooled pellets to avoid cross-contamination with subsequent …

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Crumbler for Feed Pellets

SSLGS Triple Roller Crumbler This crumbler adopts triple-roller structure, and has low power consumption. It is widely used for stock crushed feed pellets as well as aquatic feed pellets. It can be customized according to our customers’ specific requirements. Technical Parameter Model SSLGS24*110 SSLGS24*165 SSLGS24*180 Power(KW) 7.5 15 22 Capacity(t/h) …

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Grading Rotary Sieve in Feed Pellets Production

SFJH Series Grading Rotary Sieve The grading rotary sieve plays a key role in feed pellets production. It can separate good and standard pellets from fines efficiently. The SFJH series of grading rotary sieve uses spring instead of pulley at the end to reduce noise and enhance efficiency. It is …

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Mixer for Feed Pellets Production

SLHY Series Single Shaft Double Mixer  1. This mixer has adjustable paddle structure and reliable spray system. 2. Mixing uniformity: ≤7, Mixing time: 2–4 minutes. 3. The feed inlet is on one side while the decompression holes are on both sides. 4. The gap between the paddle and the machine …

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Vertical Spout Magnet for Feed Pellet Production

TCXT Series Magnet Applications The TCXT series magnet has a wide application in removing metal from raw materials before pelletizing and milling in both food and chemical industries. Vertical spout magnet is especially widely used in feed pellets production, which highly improves the efficiency. Primary Features 1. The magnet separator’s …

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Bucket Elevator in Feed Pellets Production

Bucket Elevator in Feed Pellets Production One of the most efficient ways to elevate bulk raw materials of feed pellets vertically is with a bucket elevator. Bucket elevator is widely used to transmit raw materials in feed pellets production. The bucket elevator can be placed either horizontally or vertically.   …

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