Straw Pellet Machine

Straw & Straw Pellets Straw and straw residual are very easy and cheap to collect, especially for farmers who grow grains like rice, wheat, corn and barley. Apart from as fuel, straw has also been used for horse beddings for centuries. With the development of technology, straw and other similar …

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Peanut Shell Pellet Press

Peanut Shell Pellet Peanut, also named groundnut, is one of the commonest plant that large numbers of farmers plant. Peanut kernel is widely used to make food and cooking oil. However, peanut shell, if made into pellets, can bring considerable economic benefit. Just like other biomass pellets, peanut shell pellets …

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Switchgrass Pellet Machine

Switchgrass & Switchgrass Pellets Switchgrass is a giant, hardy, warm-season perennial grass native to North America. Its vitality is so strong that it can grow in infertile soil, and it can grow 6 to 7 feet in height. To make full use of switchgrass, people always make switchgrass pellets, which …

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Bagasse Pellet Press

Bagasse pellets are widely used as fuel for heating and cooking, just like other biomass pellets. As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills, we have been professional for more than a decade, and our products have won both CE and ISO9000 certifications. Our bagasse pellet presses adopt …

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Pellet Rotary Dryers

rotary dryer

As we all know, to make pellets, the powders of raw materials should content proper moisture. Rotary dryer is widely used to reduce the moisture content of the raw materials before pelletizing. The dryer can work continuously and automatically. It is mainly composed of rotating dryer, screw feeder, cyclone air …

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Wood Pellet Milling Plant

flow chart of wood pellet line

A wide variety of wood pellet milling plants are provided by us. Our C55 wood pellet line can produce wood pellets form 500kg to 700kg per hour. In fact, it is the complete wood pellet plant from crushing, which includes screw conveyor, crusher, silo, ring die pellet mill, cooler, grading …

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Sawdust Pellet Machine


Sawdust & Sawdust Pellets Sawdust is usually treated as the so-called “rubbish”. Sawdust occupies pretty large space if its amount accumulates. Besides, never take more attention in winter as sawdust is easy to catch fire. However, after sawdust is made into pellets, these problems above are solved. Besides, sawdust pellets …

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Wood Pellet Plant

wood pellet plant

Wood Pellet Plant As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills, our equipment has won CE and ISO9000 certifications and has been exported to many countries and won good reputations worldwide. We also have successfully established many large projects of wood pellet plants both domestic and abroad. Wood …

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Flat Die Pellet Press

Flat Die Pellet Press Our ZLSP D-Type series of flat die pellet press are specially designed for small scale pellets production. The flat did pellet press is made of a flat die, a set of rollers, feeder and gear bearings. Its driving force generally has four kinds: electrical motor, gasoline …

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Hydraulic Briquette Press Machine

Our Hydraulic Briquette Press Machine Hydraulic briquette press machine makes biomass briquettes under high pressure in its cylinder. The raw materials for briquettes include a series of biomass materials, such as: sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, straw, tree branches, peanut shells, rice husks, and alfalfa, etc. After the raw biomass …

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