Peanut Oil Processing Plant

Peanut oil is an organic edible vegetable oil, obtained by pressing peanut kernels, which contain about 50% oil. Peanut oil has a pleasant and sometimes light nutty flavor. In addition to its great taste, peanut oil is perfect for deep-frying because it doesn’t absorb the flavor of other foods cooked in the oil. Besides, it is widely used for frying as it has high smoke point.
Peanut oil us very healthy. It is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol, and rich of essential fatty acid.


Peanut Oil Processing Plant

Peanut oil processing is generally divided into three stages: peanuts preparation, peanut oil pressing and rude peanut oil refining.


First, peanuts need to be thoroughly cleaned by the professional seed cleaning equipment to remove sand, stalk, plant debris and other impurities. Then, peanuts are prepared for size reduction by breaking them and conditioning by adjusting their moisture content and temperature.
Second, the well-prepared peanuts are pressed for peanut oil in peanut oil press.
Third, peanut oil is extracted in the cooking oil extraction plant to become purer before the extracted peanut oil are sent to the oil refining plant for further processing.
Fourth, the refining process usually includes: neutralization, bleaching and deodorization.


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