Flour Mill Plant

As a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter of flour mill equipment and plants, we have been professional for more than a decade. Due to our staff’s hard work and devotion, we can supply any size of flour mill plants and establish any scale of flour making projects successfully to meet clients’ needs. The usual capacity of our flour mill plants ranges from 80TPD to 250TPD. Following is one of our most common designs:flour mill equipment

Generally speaking, we adopt this kind of design when the input capacity of grains is a little bit small. This series of flour mill plant is installed together with the steel structural support, and widely used both in domestic and abroad. Its main advantages are steel frame construction, small volume, large output capacity, high milling rate, low gray powder, low power consumption, easy operation and long service life. Its cleaning part is composed of a double-bin sifter, two beaters, two destoners, and one washer. Its milling section adopts the latest gradational craft of husk and grain, which makes flour by mutual impacting.

Section (4 flours) of Flour Mill Plant

 aspirarting head of flour mill equipment  distributing-system of flour-mill-equipment
 Aspirating Head  Destributing System
 purifier system of flour mill equipment  siftering system of flour mill equipment
 Purifier System  Siftering System
 flour milling machine  gravity destoner system
 Flour Milling Machine  Gravity Destoner

Flours made by our flour mill plants have bright color, good gluten and several grades. You can absolutely count on our flour mill plants!