Automatic Oil Press YZS-100A

The automatic YZS-100A oil press is our newly advanced model designed according to the latest demands of market. It fries and controls the temperature automatically, which has changed the traditional way to increase dry cake’s temperature. Therefore, this oil press has high working efficiency, and reduces power consumption and machine’s weariness. Consequently, the service life of oil press is prolonged. Besides, if the machine’s working process is interrupted, the squeeze chest will keep certain temperature automatically.


This automatic oil press has improved the use function and automatization, and combines frying, pressing, and filtrating together. After being fried, the material feed goes into the squeeze chest directly, and then will be sent into the vacuum filter, which is characterized by light weight, convenient operation and quick filtration, etc.

Technical Parameter of YZS-100A Automatic Oil Press



Power (Kw)

Net Weight (kg)



5 tons per 24hours



2270*1100*1950mm & 1170*660*760mm

Features of the YZS-100A Automatic Oil Press

This integrated automatic oil press is mainly composed of feeder, pressing chamber, electrical control and vacuum filter drum. The heating system is inside the pressing chamber, and the vacuum filter drum is equipped with sight glass, which can control the speed of oil cleaning. The auto-heating system can improve oil output capacity greatly. It is especially suitable for farm use and small oil pressing workshop.
This machine enjoys many advantages like compact structure, small space, high efficiency, low power consumption and long service life. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your service!