Automatic Oil Press YZS-95A

The YZS-95A automatic oil press is our newly developed machine. It combines heating, pressing, and filtering processes together. And it is widely used to process rapeseeds, cottonseeds, soybeans, peanuts, sesames, sunflower seeds, tung seeds, palm kernel, peanut kernels, rice bran, corn embryo and other oil plants. It’s an ideal choice for small and medium oil plants.

oil-press YZS-95A

This series of oil presses mainly consists of feeder, pressing chamber, electrical control and vacuum filtering drum. Heating system is inside the pressing cage, and vacuum filtering drum is equipped with sight glass.



Power (kw)

Net Weight (kg)


3.5-4.5t/24hrs for hot press

2-3.5t/24hrs for cold press



Automatic Oil Press with Fryer


The automatic oil press with fryer includes fryer together with filter, heater and control cabinet. The fryer helps to increase the oil output. This automatic oil press with fryer is very popular among small scale oil mills.

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