Wood Pellet Machine

Wood Pellets

With the development of economy, people encounter a serious energy crisis. To replace the traditional energy like gas and oil, biomass energy, especially wood pellets, get more and more attention. As wood pellets are clean, green, renewable, economical, and environmentally friendly, they have a wide application in both industry and home heating and cooking. And they are also used in horse bedding. Moreover, their ash after burning can be used as fertilizer. Besides, they are easy and safe to transport and store.QQ截图20131022090404                                                               

Raw Materials of Wood Pellets

Wooden materials, like: sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips, are the main ingredient of wood pellets. However, the raw materials of wood pellets also include: straw, rice husks, grass, bamboo sawdust, alfalfa, and groundnut shell, etc.

Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine, also named wood pellet press or wood pellet mill, has a wider and wider application nowadays. Our wood pellet machine refers to the flat die designed wood pellet machine, in which the flat die is horizontal with a series of rollers on it. It can make wood pellets of different diameters by adjusting the compression ratios. Before making pellets, wood pellet machine needs to be warmed up by oil and biomass material mixture repeatedly for about 5 minutes to reach the proper temperature. And the raw materials also need to be shattered into small powders and kept proper moisture content.

Our wood pellet machine has four different driving engines: electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO. And all of them can be customized according to our clients’ specific requirements. 





Working Principle

After the well prepared powders of raw materials are put into the feeder of the wood pellet machine, they will fall down to the area between the rollers and the die. Then, the rollers press these powders into the holes of the die to form pellets. And a series of knives will cut the emerged pellets on the other side of the flat die into the pre-determined length immediately.