M6FTY-10 Small Scale Flour Mill Machinery

Flour has been the staple food of many nations all over the world since ancient times. Flour mill machinery is indispensable in flour production. Our M6FTY-10 small scale flour mill machinery is mainly and specially made for small scale flour production. Due to its low investment, it is widely seen …

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Small Biomass Pellet Plant

Nowadays, biomass pellets are more and more popular. Except for application in the industrial boilers, they are also widely used in home heating and cooking. As clean, green and renewable energy, biomass pellets are very economical. Their ash can be used as fertilizer. To make high-quality biomass pellets, our small …

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Pelletizing System for Feed Mill

Feed pellets are produced for a number of animals including poultry, pig, cattle, ruminants, and pets, etc. Feed pellets enjoy superiority like: easy digestion, high absorption rate, good palatability, and high density. Besides, they can prevent animals from being particular about their feed, and they are also specially made according …

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