Corn Stover Pellet Press

Biomass Energy & Corn Stover Pellets

Biomass energy has a wider and wider application to reduce the usage of traditional energies, like: oil, gas and coal, which are non-renewable. As clean, green, renewable and economical, biomass energy is environmentally friendly, and release less greenhouse gases. Moreover, their ash after burning can be used as fertilizer can be used as fertilizers.

Corn stover is one of such biomass energies and it is much cheaper and easier to collect. Corn stover pellets bring considerable benefits as they need low investment. The pellets are easy and convenient to transport and store. They have high density and can release lasting energy.


Raw Materials’ Preparation

For corn stover pellets, corn stover is the main raw material. However, other biomass materials like straw, rice husks, alfalfa and so on, can also be used to make pellets with corn stovers. Before pelletizing, all of these raw materials should be crushed into small powders. Besides, they also should contain proper moisture content.


Corn Stover Pellet Press

As a professional supplier of pellet mills, our corn stover pellet press has been exported to many countries and won high reputations worldwide. What’s more, they have won both CE and ISO9000 certifications. They are characterized by compact structure, high output rate, low power consumption, easy operation and long service life. They have four driving forces for you to choose: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, and PTO. They can be customized according to our client’s specific needs.