Waste Paper Pellet Machine

Nowadays, paper also has a large demand, and consequently, the waste paper remains a big problem to tackle. As waste paper is widely seen almost everywhere, waste paper pellet machine is very economical and ideal to make full use of waste paper.
As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills, all of our products have won both CE and ISO9000 certifications. Our customers are quite satisfied with our pellet mills, as they are high-quality with competitive price. The ZLSP-230B waste paper pellet machine has the following advantages: compact structure, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance, high efficiency and long service life.waste-paper-pellet

Technical Parameter


Capacity(kg/h )

Power(kw )

Net Weight(kg )

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Our waste paper pellet machine is flat die designed pellet mill. The flat die inside the machine is horizontal with a series of rollers above. After the well-prepared raw material fall down to the area between the rollers and the die, the rollers will press them into the holes of the flat die to form pellets. And a series of knives on the other side of the die will immediately cut the emerged pellets into pre-determined length.waste-paper-pellet-mill