Peanut Oil Processing Plant

Peanut oil is an organic edible vegetable oil, obtained by pressing peanut kernels, which contain about 50% oil. Peanut oil has a pleasant and sometimes light nutty flavor. In addition to its great taste, peanut oil is perfect for deep-frying because it doesn’t absorb the flavor of other foods cooked …

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Cottonseed Oil Processing Plant

As a leading supplier of oil processing equipment, we have been professional for more than a decade. Our cottonseed oil processing plant has won CE and ISO9000 certifications together with good reputations. Apart from high-quality cottonseed oil processing equipment, we also provide our customers with timely delivery, free technical guidance …

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Soybean Oil Processing Plant

The processing of soybean oil usually begins with the well preparation of soybeans: the soybeans need to be thoroughly cleaned, dried and dehulled before extracting. De-hulling is done by cracking soybeans and mechanical separation of hulls and cracked soybeans. Magnets are also used to separate iron form soybeans. Soybeans usually …

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Corn Oil Processing Plant

Corn oil is widely used to make nutritionally enhanced edible oil or cooking oil, lubricants, biodiesel, fuel, cosmetics and oil-based or oil-containing chemical products. The extracted corn meal is usually made into enhanced animal feed rations, snack food, blended food products, cosmetics and fermented broth additives. Crude corn oil is …

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Canola Oil Processing Plant

Canola oil processing involves several processes. After preconditioning, canola seeds are crushed and flaked for later slight heated. These processes help to maximize oil recovery. The canola flakes are then “pre-pressed” in screw presses or expellers to reduce oil content from about 42% in the seeds (on 80% moisture content …

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Alfalfa Pellet Machine

Alfalfa is one of the most common plants in parks, gardens, lawns and other fields. It grows very fast, and contains a lot of nutrition when used as animal feed. When used as fuel, alfalfa should be dried enough. Alfalfa pellets release much long-lasting energy and less smoke. And their …

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Steam Boiler for Feed Pellets Production

DZH Steam Boiler for Feed Pellets Compact, High-efficient, Quick-starting Technical Parameters Type DZH0.5-0.7-S DZH1-0.7-S DZH2-0.7-S DZH4-0.7-S Rated Vaporizing Amount 0.5T/H 1T/H 2T/H 4T/H Rated Steam Pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 1.25Mpa Rated Steam Temperature 170.4°C 170.4°C 170.4°C 193.3°C Inlet Water Temperature 20°C 20°C 20°C 20°C Heating Surface 20.65sqm 30.4sqm 56.2sqm 120.1sqm …

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Oil Dry Fractionation

Oil dry fractionation is a process to separate vegetable oils into two fractions, Olein and Stearin, by the crystallization properties of oils and without the addition of chemicals or solvents. The same plant can also be used to produce super olein and palm mid fraction of varying cloud point and …

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Liquid Adding System for Feed Pellets

TJY Series Liquid Adding System for Feed Pellets Technical Parameter Model   Single Pump Double Pump Flow Metering Double Pump Weigh Metering STJS30 STJS50 STJL50*2 STJL60*2 STJC50*2 STJC60*2 Capacity(L/M) 30 L/M 50 L/M 50 L/M 60 L/M 50 L/M 60 L/M Power(KW) 1.5 3.0 3.0+2.2 4.0+3.0 3.0+2.2 4.0+3.0

Hay Pellet Machine

Hay, usually includes dried grass, straw, and alfalfa, etc. Hay is easy to grow and collect. What’s more, hay can bring you considerable benefits if you make them into pellets with hay pellet machine. Hay pellets are green, clean, and economical energy. They are easy to transport and store. They …

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